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As students across the city prepare for the new school year, many families are also enrolling in private tutoring services to compensate for learning loss and academic challenges facing their children. However, the cost of private tutoring in Chicago can cost upwards of $75/hour or nearly $5,000 per year for a household with two children, an amount cost prohibitive for most families facing economic barriers.

At Tutoring Chicago, we know the value of one-to-one tutoring and delivering the power of education to each student, all school year—at no cost to their families.

Our award winning, comprehensive tutoring program ensures students receive high-quality educational resources, Chromebooks and other critical technology - and their own dedicated volunteer tutor on a weekly basis.

This fall 1,000 students in 1st through 9th grade are enrolled in our tutoring programs; however, we can’t do this without you. Powering their future starts today. 

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