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2023 Spring Networking Event: Breakfast, Professional Headshots & Resume Reviews

Tutoring Associate Board Hosts Networking, Headshots & Resume Reviews

Tutoring Associate Board Hosts Networking, Headshots & Resume Reviews

The Tutoring Associate Board presents our first ever professional networking event of 2023! The Tutoring Chicago network is extensive, including staff, volunteers, and partners who work in various fields and areas of expertise. Come enjoy a light breakfast while connecting with other professionals in the Tutoring Chicago network. There is also the opportunity to have your resume reviewed and/or headshot taken at this event.

There is a suggested donation of $35 per person. Please fill out the Google form below prior to the event, especially if you are interested in having your resume reviewed and/or headshot taken. In the event that all time slots fill up, we will close that option in the Google form. For a resume review, please send it in advance via the Google form or bring a hard copy in-person for our reviewers.

Google Form RSVP:

- Each headshot time slot is about 5-10 minutes per person. We are on a schedule and cannot accommodate longer photoshoots.
- If you sign up for a time slot and do not show, we will open up that time for someone else to have their photo taken.
- All donations are welcome!


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