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Virtual Workout to Support Tutoring Chicago

Created by Pamela Gordon

Virtual Workout to Support Tutoring Chicago

Date/Time: Saturday April 9th 10am to 10:45am CST. Zoom link will be provided after registration.
Skill Level: All ages and levels are welcome.
Supplies Needed: None needed but weights, mini bands, bands, and a chair are optional
Suggested Donation: $25

Join Us with your friends and family for a fun challenging workout class. This class will have your heart rate pumping and challenge you to not only move but move well. This will be fun, challenging and a great way for you to push yourself, as well as your friends and family! This class is for all ages and all skill levels.

This heart pumping 45-minute virtual class will have a 4-minute warm up, after which you will have 3 10-minute rounds performing 3-4 exercises per round. With the remaining time going toward active mobility and recovery.

This class will be taught by Dan Murray, a strength and conditioning based personal trainer. Dan’s fitness journey started while young in sports but didn’t take off until his college years. In his early years, he participated in martial arts, wrestling, cross country and track and field all the way up to college. During his collegiate years Dan chose to tackle the obstacle course racing scene where he learned he enjoyed lifting heavy things, thus leading to his start up in powerlifting and strongman competitions over the last 4 years. During the last 10 years, Dan has trained countless clients ranging from weight loss, strengthening, athletic performance and those who just want to be able to live their lives comfortably. During this time Dan started his own business as D3M Coaching LLC.

Dan believes that everyone has the right to movement and deserves the ability to move well, thus leading to one major phrase he likes to use, Living life with strength. Using the ability to move and combinations of strength, mobility, and cardio training to be strong enough for daily life to be easy. Thus, allowing everyone to go out and fully enjoy their lives!

Learn more about Dan and who he is as a coach at d3mcoaching.com

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